About Us

When the going gets boring, the boring gets going!!

Tired of having to browse all over the internet & calling friends just to find out where you should go out tonight!?

TourDeNight.com is your answer! TourDeNight is all about discovering new places to drink, dance and party.

It comes as no surprise that some of history’s best ideas happened over a drink. Ideas ranging from the US Marine Corps to Farrington B, the blocky font used on all credit cards. The truth is, sometimes the best ideas come when you are still fully functioning intellectually but your inhibition has been reduced ever so slightly.

So this passion for nightlife business idea was also born over some interesting LIITs. Enough of the half-baked nightlife websites floating around and the constant hassle of planning a night out… What was needed was a site where you could discover and unlock the elitist, the new, the pocket-friendly nightlife on offer every day of the week. But at the same time a website to help plan and book online party places and find the best party venues. Let the site do all the hard work so you could simply enjoy an amazing night out! That was the mission.

So... a few more LIITs later finally TourdeNight.com was born.

Pleased to share our website with you
And rest assured we have a passionate, hard-working team of Nightlife Designers all dedicated to sharing their knowledge and experience with you, to help you design your night out to perfection anywhere in India (starting with Delhi/NCR)
We really hope you enjoy using TourdeNight.com.

Shiva Nihalani (Founder & CEO)
Fav Drink-o-friendly spot: OTB
Fav Dance-o-friendly spot: Lap
Facebook: www.facebook.com/shiva.nihalani